Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I love my Griddler

My kitchen is my "playroom."  I love all kinds of cooking, from smoking meat or grilling outside, to stirfry, roasting, crock pot cooking . . . I love to cook and bake.

One of my kitchen tools that I especially like is my Griddler.  I've had it quite a few years now and use it a lot.  It has reversible plates, one side is flat for frying, the other has ridges for grilling.  And the nice thing, they go right in the dishwasher!  There is even a hidden tray to collect run off grease.

It makes great paninis and grilled cheese sandwiches.  In the winter, I use it to grill steaks or hamburgers, when I can't fire up the grill in two feet of snow out back.

Mine is one of the original models that came out.  It is just basic, big enough for me, no frills, but it does a great job in the kitchen.

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  1. It sure sounds fun to cook! :\ We'll be back at it in May. I love reading about your cooking adventures.


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