Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Graduation night at the Citizen's Police Academy

I'm really going to have withdrawal pains!  One night a week for the last two months, I have attended the Brighton Police Department's Citizens' Police Academy and what a joy it has been.  Last night was our "graduation."  We received our certificate and a mug.

Throughout eight weeks, we learned about the police department and the criminal justice system in New York State.  We toured our County Jail (admittedly, that was too graphic for me), we toured the training center for police and fire fighters, we had a presentation from the Monroe County District Attorney and the Public Defender, we saw the firearms and tools used by the police, and we came up close and personal to a German Shepard Police dog, and so much more.  In between, we talked one-on-one with the Police Chief and Sgt. Bruzda, who led our group.

I came away with a renewed respect for the police and the work they do.  We even learned interesting bits of information you won't see in the news about past and current crimes that made the headlines.  One night, an undercover drug enforcement office spoke.  He told about close encounters he's had with the sleazy drug dealers in our county.  Someone asked, "How does your family deal with this?"  He said, "I don't tell them things like I've told you tonight!"

Yes, I loved being part of this group and may even attend again in future years.  Many police departments have this type of program.  If there is one in your area, I urge you to attend.  It's great!

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