Thursday, March 12, 2015

A real jolt

I think I am a strong, resilient person, having proved that through trials and tribulations over the years and always landing on my feet.

Then I took a 2 hour tour of our county jail as part of my Citizens Police Academy.  Wow. . .

It wasn't pretty and it was unsettling, to put it in delicate terms.  We came up close and personal with multiple individuals who had totally trashed their lives.

What feelings did I come away with?  I am grateful that I had a better foundation in life, that I own my home, that I have family and friends that care for me, I have a job, I am educated and capable of making wise choices - well, most of the time, that I have known the love of dogs that think I am wonderful and eagerly look forward to me coming home, that I am free to come and go as I please and do whatever I want.

As I listened to one of the guards speaking and letting us know what to expect behind the next door, I couldn't help saying to her, "My heart goes out to you."  She looked at me with a forlorn look and said, "Thank you."

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