Friday, August 22, 2014

The candy basket revisited!

Recently I wrote a post on the candy basket at work.  You will recall, we previously had an "old-ladyish" glass "thing" that was way too small.  I grew tired of it and I thought people would appreciate a variety of candy.  Even I had no idea how my new basket filled with dozens of different pieces would take off.

Here you see one of our young Neonatologists (that's a doctor that specializes in newborns) looking for her favorite - Andes mint candy.  I told her I thought those were all gone until I made a trip to Wegmans.

Her persistence paid off!  She dug down far enough and actually pulled two of them out.  Her face tells the rest of the story!

I don't know who has enjoyed that candy basket more, me or the people that find their way to my office!  Some people, following a meeting with my boss, in the room on the other side of the wall from me, will walk past, grab whatever their fingers touch first, say, "Thanks for the candy," and be on their way.  Others make that basket a destination!  They will look at what's on top, then dig down to see what else is available.  When they find what they really like, the look on their face is worth a million bucks!

That basket has become a symbol of joy and respite for me.  We work in a high pressure environment.  If, for only a moment, I can make someone forget the day-to-day stress we all encounter, then that really makes my day.

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  1. It's funny how the simplest things can brighten the day.


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