Saturday, August 2, 2014

A nice day for a ride

I drove to Romulus, NY this morning to pick up a quarter of a beef from my farmer.  It was a nice drive down the Thruway and then a turn South at the Geneva exit.  In New York, once you get off the Thruway and into the "real" New York, it is a pleasant landscape.  I passed through Waterloo, the birthplace of Memorial Day, a quaint little village with old world buildings and homes.  Once out of Waterloo, there are miles and miles of farmers' fields.

When I returned home and was busy putting all the meat in my freezer, I threw a beef bone at Morgan that kept her entertained.  They always give me a bag of bones for Morgan.

Autumns Harvest Farm is a grass fed farm.  That means their beef, pork and chickens are fed on grass, with no hormones or other yucky stuff.  The meat is much healthier for you than that grown in the large commercial operations.  I have been buying from them for probably about 5 years.  Do a search of grass fed meat and you will learn why it is healthier for you.

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