Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Morgan goes to Doggie Day Camp

I took Morgan to Doggie Day Camp today.  It was the first time she has been with other dogs all day long, except for when Molly was still with us.

This afternoon when I picked her up after work, I looked in the window in the room where she was, and there was one pooped pup laying next to the wall!  They told me she ran out of steam before the end of the day!

Here is what her "pawgress report" says:

Morgan had a great first day in camp today.  She had no trouble making lots of friends, and she played very nicely with everyone.  She especially loved to wrestle with Jessie and Zoey, the Collie mixes, and Lilly, the Spaniel.  Morgan was such a good girl today, we can't wait to have her back!"

There were 14 dogs in her play group today.  They separate the smaller dogs from the larger ones.

She has been on the lethargic side since I brought her home, but she still follows me around from room to room.

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