Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A throw together dish that turned out great!

Just on a whim, I tried something different tonight for dinner. . . a one-dish vegetarian concoction.

I chopped fresh kale.  Then I combined olive oil and apple cider vinegar with a generous dose of salt.  I had a jar of sun-dried tomatoes for another recipe which I never made.

First I put the kale in a hot pan and poured the olive oil mixture over it.  I  cooked this until it was still slightly crisp.  I added a few chopped sun-dried tomatoes and stirred just until they were heated.

What a pleasant surprise!  It was a very satisfying meal.


  1. That does sound very good! We had ribs and fries tonight at a sports bar across the street from the Mayfair. On the way back we "avoided" a couple who had followed us ready to pick pockets and steal purses when they got waaaay too close. It sure pays to be street wise. The couple seemed very disappointed.

    1. Now that would be threatening. Were you by yourselves or with others?

  2. That sounds good! I bet you could even toss a bit of leftovers (if you had any) with pasta I made kale chips the other day when I was craving something salty. Take about half a head of kale and wash then dry completely (they should be bone dry, so use some paper towels if needed). Toss the leaves in a baggie with a teaspoon or two of olive oil. Place on a cookie sheet (leaves should not touch) and sprinkle with garlic powder and salt. Bake at 275 F. until all small and thin and crispy (about 20-25 minutes). It's not a potato chip by any means, but it was a nice healthy snack and took care of that "crunchy, salty" craving. Thanks for sharing your recipe Sherry!


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