Saturday, May 18, 2013

It must have been hysterically funny. . .

to an onlooker.

I was tired.  It had been a long week at work.  Things were piling up at home that needed to be done.  The flower beds in the front yard need weeding.  I need to decide what to do with that open space  up by the front of the house. . . on either side are two flowering shrubs that do great, but in the middle. . . once upon a time, I planted a holly bush.  Except that deer love to eat holly bushes.  That poor holly bush never gets more than a foot high now before the deer chew it right back down again.  So what can I do to that weed infested space that will detract deer???

There were other things on my mind.  My boss is going in this coming week for bypass surgery.  Not a walk in the park, for sure.  He is a good man and one of the few really great bosses I have ever had.  He has given me everything I asked for, from a new paper shredder to allowing me to bring in my own compact refrigerator and microwave to my office.

So, all I wanted to do was come home, sit down with a glass of wine that I could sip on - peacefully and undisturbed.  I took care of the dogs' needs.  Fed them, let them out, took up time with them.  Is it asking too much to allow me to have my glass of wine uninterrupted???

Most of the time, when I sit down with my wine - after taking care of their needs - Morgan and Molly will be at my feet, playing tug of war with a favorite toy. Not last night.  No.  They needed extra attention from me.  So Molly is in my lap, she needs help now getting up in my lap.  She will soon be 12 years old and old age is showing its ugly head.  Seeing this, Morgan was not to be outdone.  She jumps on the couch beside me - it's an old, old couch so I'm not fussy about keeping them off it.  The next thing I know, she is climbing up behind my head.  "MORGAN, GET DOWN!"  She knows how to push the right buttons with me and she isn't even a year old.

Now she is wrapped around my neck, back feet to my left side, her head and front feet unexplainably wrapped around my head.  Both dogs' tails are going 90 miles per hour and I'm trying to escape and at the same time see that my glass of wine sitting on the end table doesn't get whacked across the room with either a tail or a paw and that my eyeglasses don't get knocked off my face.

Could it be that God sent dogs into the world as a distraction from all the ugly stuff going on in our lives and to teach us to laugh in spite of it all???


  1. :)) What a beautiful picture you write. :)

    When our Penny was a new baby she would wrap herself around Kjell's head on the pillow every night. Really sweet.

    BTW, we had two yellow lab service dogs on board this past cruise. The owners were here together so we saw the dogs together. They were so precious "working" with their owners. They were perfectly behaved, of course, in the formal dining room and everywhere else. So nice to have them here.


  2. Too funny. Sounds like a scene from around here! :)


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