Saturday, May 11, 2013

Backyard Shrubbery

I think it is safe to put my snowblower in its summer home, in the back corner of my garage.

Rochester is known for its Lilac Festival in Highland Park in the city.  Yes, I love the lilacs - and there are hundreds of lilac bushes there, along with many other varieties of blooming plants.  But, to be honest, I tend to avoid the festival.  The vendors, the loud music, and the crowds take away from the beauty of the park, in my humble opinion!

But in my backyard, in the early morning, as I let the dogs out, the eastern sky is just turning shades of pale blue, pink, and dark blue.  That is when I really appreciate my lilacs.  In the afternoon, when I come home from work, and again let the dogs out, the sun is in the west and shining brilliantly against my lilac blooms!

Against the back fence, many years back, I planted hydrangeas.  Right now the leaves are just coming out.  In a few more weeks and into June these will be covered in huge white blooms.  They slowly turn pink.  All of these bushes, the lilacs and the hydrangeas tower over me, the lilacs must easily be ten feet tall and the hydrangeas, a good 7 or 8 feet tall.

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  1. I love lilacs! You have a very beautiful yard, enjoy.

    Happy Mother's Day Sherry!


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