Monday, July 11, 2011

Tickled Pink! A Personal Best Score

As some of you know, I became totally excited about sporting clays shooting within the last year. Sporting clays has been described as "golf with a shotgun!" You go from station to station, shooting at moving targets. Each station is different in the path of the moving clay target. It is a big challenge and a lot of fun. The clay target can fly from the right or left, high or low, straight or curved. They even have one station simulating a rabbit running across the field.

Yesterday I had a personal best score. Never mind that my score is not respectable! I'm still learning.

Aside from the thrill of hitting the target, it is pleasant to walk the course. I belong to one of the finest clubs in the country for sporting clays, Rochester Brooks Gun Club. There are two sporting clays courses. They vary from stations in the wide open to walking through the woods. Very scenic, especially in the fall with the fall foliage.

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  1. That sounds like a blast! (All puns intended!) Seriously, it sounds like such great fun!!


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