Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bizarre, but true!

I am having an awful time this summer with my impatiens in the front yard. First I thought it was a woodchuck eating the blooms. Someone told me to put mothballs around the plants. I haven't seen the woodchuck in over a week but then something started eating the stems.

Last night I was talking with Rita, one of my cousins from down South. She asked me if it could be slugs. As a matter of fact, yesterday I did see a couple of them when I was pulling weeds. She told me if I put small containers of beer around the plants that the slugs would go for that and die once they got to the beer. . . yes, I laughed too!

The only thing I had to put the beer in was disposable plastic cups. So I cut the bottoms off three cups high enough up to hold about a half inch of beer. This morning I have two dead slugs in the beer containers!!!

Well, let's see. . . Rita, you've got a pretty good track record. The grits on ant hills was a swift killer! The moth balls seem to have detracted the woodchuck. And now I have two slugs to dispose of!


  1. Hi Sherry!

    Oooooh Escargot at your house tonight!!!! :))))

    Years ago I put a little funny on my flowers page about slugs:

    It explains the beer things, too.

    Impatiens are a tropical plant and only survive up here in the Midwest/Northern States with rain forest conditions. In San Juan up in the rain forest I remember seeing impatiens growing more than six feet tall along side the road.

    Big hugs,

  2. LOL! I just read your post from the link you gave above! Eeeww! I wouldn't want a bowl back in my kitchen that a slimy slug had touched! I know, I know. . . I have a dishwasher, with a sanitizer setting, but still!

    Oh, and since I'm not a beer drinker, but keep it on hand for guests, I'm not at all concerned about wasting "good beer" on slugs!!!


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