Saturday, July 2, 2011

A fun day with the grandchildren!

Today was a wonderful day with my grandsons. . . oh! and John and Jen too!!!

We went to the zoo. The last time I was there, Kevin, my oldest grandson, was just starting to walk!

I think the exhibit I enjoyed most was the penquins. The zookeeper was feeding them and that was fun to watch! We also saw a bald eagle, seals, polar bears, elephants, and so many more species.

We came back to my house. John wanted to dig into his old set of legos from his childhood. Kevin, Jake, and Andrew all enjoy legos. The picture above shows all four of them at my dining room table putting together legos from way back in the 1980's. They were oblivious to anything else going on!

We had barbeque chicken on the grill, blueberry salad, 3-bean salad, fresh fruit salad and apple pie for dessert.

I will see them again on Monday, the Fourth of July.


  1. What a fun family day! :)) I look forward to lots of those in the next ten weeks or so. ;)

  2. Sherry it seems you are having a wonderful holiday weekend with your grandsons. Yes, the penguin exhibit would be our favorite too. I caught up on a couple of your previous posts and know how frustrating a yard sale can be with all the work involved and then not covering expenses. We've had a few in past years and now contribute regularly to our local thrift stores so we don't get too much of a backlog of "stuff."


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