Friday, December 31, 2010

The story of an old TV

Hollywood couldn't have written a more heartwarming script!

Last month I finally bought an HD TV. I thought I was the only one in the Universe that didn't have an HD TV.

I was with my good friends, Harold and Juanita, one evening and told them I bought the new HD TV and it would be installed within a few days. "What are you going to do with your old TV?" they asked.

"Oh, THAT thing? I'll just put it out for the garbage to haul off. It's old and there isn't a market for that kind of thing anymore."

Turns out they were looking for a used TV to put in their basement to connect Wii for their grandchildren when they came over.

I was thrilled to find a good home for an old relic and they were pleased to get a TV for the grandchildren to enjoy their Wii.

The day they came to my home to pick up the TV, they told me they didn't have an HD TV. "WHAT? Then let me show you what HD TV is all about!"

They were sold! Now they have an HD TV!

But wait! There is more to the story.

Their son-in-law took their old TV and put it in their basement for the children to have a place to enjoy Wii at home. The kids think Santa brought the two new Wii connections.

"See how much joy you spread!" Jaunita said to me in an e-mail.

Now who would ever imagine that an old, big, heavy TV could be the beginning of so much Christmas joy for three small children?


  1. Your post reminds me of the movie "Pay it forward" have you seen that one?
    If not,you must :0)
    Keep the tissues handy !

  2. Fantastic! Yes, those old TVs can find new homes. I remember years ago when my oldest hooked an old TV up to his first computer, an Atari. Gee, do the kids know what an Atari is (was) any more?


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