Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not a nice day to be on the road

From my desk at work, I overlook a stretch of I-390. At times today, it has been a parking lot. Earlier today, I was in a meeting over at the Medical Center. I took the shuttle bus that goes between Corporate Woods (an office building where I work) and the main campus of the Medical Center. I had no desire to drive my car, given the blowing snow and slick roads. One person, trying to get to our meeting, called in and said, "I'm on that parking lot known as Elmwood Avenue moving at a crawl!"

Two major roads today have been closed due to numerous accidents. Now I am looking at the southbound lane of 390 and it is almost at a standstill.

Welcome to winter in New York State!

Post Script! I made it home safely. Just as I got inside my warm home, I realized I haven't opened my mailbox in two days! It's out by the road, a long walk in this kind of weather!!!

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