Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mindless entertainment

There are times when your mind just let's go of the everyday garbage. . . when you find yourself totally entertained by "nothing"! That was the case today as I rode the shuttle bus from my work location over to the main campus of the University of Rochester Medical Center, about a 10 minute ride.

It was a cold, drab day. . . a typical Rochester winter day. I was on my way to a meeting at the Medical Center. From my front row seat on the shuttle bus, I found my eyes staring at, of all things, the windshield wipers on the bus. The driver had them on intermittent. As the wipers sat motionless for a half minute or so, they collected hundreds of tiny bouncing snow pellets. These little white jewels bounced several times before they settled into place. Then a new crop would fall and bounce playfully before piling up on the ones below! For reasons I cannot explain, I found total joy in watching this show!

Why did I feel less stressed when I walked off that bus?

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  1. Ah, yes, I understand what you mean. I often just let go of all important thought while I knit or crochet. It's R&R for the mind and body.

    Then, again, sometimes while knitting or crocheting my mind is hard at work on some project that needs a solution.



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