Sunday, November 28, 2010

No major storms. . . yet

There is a saying in Rochester, "if you don't like the weather, hang around a bit, it will change." With Lake Erie to the west and Lake Ontario to the north, we are subject to rapid changes in weather year round.

Our first measureable snow usually comes around the week of Thanksgiving. So far, yesterday we had a trace, hardly enough to cover the grass. It was gone by the middle of the morning.

Depending on which long term forecast you want to believe, this year we will have a mild winter with January and February "being the most erratic". . . pretty safe forecast since January and February are the major snow machine months.

Having grown up in Florida where there are two seasons, summer and a drizzly, rainy winter, I very much enjoy the four seasons here. In Florida, I never knew the joy of seeing a crocus push defiantly through a patch of ice and bust open into color, or a hyacinth, or daffoidil. I never appreciated summer as much as I do here because summer is much shorter. And the colors of fall are spectacular in New York. Winter, with all its harshness, is a thing of beauty with everything covered in a pristine white blanket of snow. Being inside most of the winter, and free from the yard work of the other three seasons, forces me to sit down and read those books I have been promising myself I will read.

Then one day, you look out and see people in light jackets walking their dogs and you pause to stare at them. Amazing! People come out of the woodwork on the first mild day of late winter or early spring!

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  1. Beautiful post and, oh, how we can identify with the changes in the seasons you describe.

    We spend more than half of each year where it is mostly tropical. We love the four seasons, too, and are happy to be in Southern Ohio where we have four seasons of about three months each. It's a nice balance between Norway and Florida where we spend a great deal of time.


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