Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nice day for a paddle

This afternoon I took my kayak to the Erie Canal and paddled for awhile. It was too nice a day not to get out and do something fun.

I put in at the launch next to Clover Street and paddled toward Pittsford.

Many towns and villages along the Erie Canal have capitalized on the canal as a recreational and tourist attraction. Pittsford is one example. Here you see people just enjoying being out, feeding the ducks, or riding bikes on the bike path that runs along the north side of the canal. That big round tower in the background used to be a coal tower. Now it is home to the Coal Tower Restaurant, a great place to go for breakfast or just to stop for a cup of coffee with a friend.


  1. Great images and beautiful day. :) The old Erie Canal isn't so pretty where it passes here a block away from our home on its way to the Ohio River. In fact, most people don't even know it is there. It has been filled in here and is beside the path of Victory Parkway that cuts through the Xavier University campus. Just North of here, the old Erie Canal is now I-75 with the old walls still in place where it passed through Lockland, Ohio, named for the Erie Canal locks. Your end of the Erie Canal is much prettier than ours is now. ;) Thanks for sharing images of your beautiful day.

  2. What a beautiful place ! I loved the first looks so peaceful :0)
    Is it very far from where you live ?

  3. Where I put in is just a short drive. The Erie Canal runs all the way across New York State and I live not even a quarter mile south of it, but there isn't a suitable place to put a kayak in where it runs near my home.


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