Thursday, July 15, 2010

The forgotten victims of the Gulf Oil Spill

Okay, call me an old woman with a soft heart or misplaced values. . . I don't care. This morning, as I was drinking my coffee with Molly in my lap. . . all 55 pounds of her, I was watching CNN. There was a segment on the Gulf Oil Spill and the dogs that have been misplaced and placed in cages at an animal shelter waiting for a new home. Their owners, caught up in the economic turmoil of losing their livlihood due to the oil spill, simply could not afford to feed and care for them.

I have had a Labrador Retriever in my life nonstop since 1985, three of them, actually. I cannot imagine life without a Lab at my side. Children grow up and go out into the world on their own. A dog always needs your love and care and attention. I have suffered setbacks and heartache over the years, like a lot of other people. But one thing I could always depend on, no matter what else happened, there was always a devoted and loving Lab at my side.

My heart goes out to those unfortunate people along the Gulf Coast, who, through no fault of their own, have lost their way of earning a living, whether through fishing or the tourist industry. And may God grant that these poor animals soon find a loving and caring home.

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