Friday, July 9, 2010

A good week

It's been a good week. Aside from being a 4-day work week, I got to spend time on two days with my children and grandchildren, had a good night at my Tuesday Night Defensive Pistol Shooting group, AND!. . . I sold my kayak that I had been trying to sell for several months. At some point, when I have more time, I'll do a post on my Tuesday Night Defensive Pistol Shooting group. I'm learning a lot there and having fun too. Can't beat that.

Have a good weekend everyone. I have plans to get out in my new kayak - maybe THIS time I won't flip it upside down - and myself along with it - getting out of it! And if I'm lucky, I'll get out on my bike for the first time this year.

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  1. That's a great feeling on a Friday evening - that the week was a good one. :)

    I'll love to read a post on your Defensive Pistol Shooting group.


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