Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Flowers

My daffodils and hyacinths are starting to fade, but oh, have they really been brilliant this Spring. I've enjoyed watching people walk by and stop and look at them. I'm thinking of putting in a new garden in the backyard. I can plant anything I want in the backyard without fear of the deer destroying it.

My son has promised to come over some weekend soon to help me cut down two small trees in the front yard that have become less than desireable. I told him I could take care of cutting them down myself, but I would need help getting the roots and stump out. I want to plant a flowering tree in that spot. There are several outside my window at work that I really like. In the Spring, they are covered with white blooms and in the Fall, they turn a bright crimson for several weeks.

Update on the Sourdough project! I've completed the five day process of making the starter. This weekend I'm going to try my luck with making a loaf of Sourdough bread. Can't wait! My friend, Ginger, who is part of our "Annual Canoe/Kayak Trek" in the Adirondacks has informed me that sourdough bread packs well for camping trips! I wonder if that is a hint?


  1. Good Morning, Sherry,

    Oh, I love flowering trees, too. I have some, but would like to add an ornamental pear tree.

    I'm sure you are feeding those sourdough yeastie beasties well. :) By the weekend they should be fat and sassy and ready to make great bread. ;)


  2. Hi Sherry,I had a look at my starter this morning,and Its not very bubbly ???
    I will feed it again today and see what happens.I have a feeling I will have to do another one though....hmmm.

  3. Granny, did you get the e-mail I sent you about sourdough? Lois gave me some good information on it. I thought mine was not going well, but she reassured me. One thing she told me, I should wait till I'm going to be home to start the bread since you never know how the dough is going to rise. . . it may rise so much it takes over your whole oven if you leave it there!!!


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