Friday, April 16, 2010

New glasses, big problems

It's gonna be a long weekend. Today I picked up my new prescription glasses at the Eye Institute at the University of Rochester Medical Center where I work. I ordered them last week and was warned that this prescription was a lot stronger than what I was accustomed to and it could take awhile to adjust to them.

'No problem', I thought. 'I'll do just fine.'

This afternoon I was in for a major surprise. . . not a happy kind of surprise either. I sat down in front of the optician and put the new glasses on. All of a sudden her face became distorted. She could tell by the look on my face that all was not well. "Don't stand up!" she warned me.

I quickly took the glasses off. Already I was feeling dizzy.

She explained that my brain was accustomed to the current lens I have had. She advised me to wear them at home for a half hour at a time and then for longer periods to allow my brain to adjust.

Yes, it could be a long weekend.


  1. Oh, my. My honey and I just got glasses with new prescriptions last week. Ours aren't much of a change, but it was a little adjustment.

    Years ago, though, I had an experience like the one you are having. I went back and had someone else check the prescription and discovered the first "new" one was waaaaay off.

    I hope you get through the weekend ok.

    I also hope your sourdough experience this weekend is a good one!

    Very best,


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