Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No snow in Rochester during March!

Amazing! During the entire month of March, Rochester had no snow! Unusual, for sure. And this weekend, we are expecting temmperatures in the 80's. Bring on summer!


  1. Ahhhh, and may you make it to the Fourth of July without snow! :))

    The latest snow I remember here in Cincinnati was April 28 - many years ago. It surprised all of us including the flowers that were already in bloom.

    I hope your Easter is pretty there. :)


  2. Thanks, Lois. Actually, one year, we had a few flakes here and there on the FOURTH OF JULY!!! People wore winter jackets to fireworks displays.

    One year in May, we woke up one morning to a foot of snow on the ground. But that time of year, any snow you get is gone as soon as the sun comes up.

  3. No snow here in March either !!LOL.
    We've been having beautiful Autumn weather the last week,love it!

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