Monday, March 8, 2010

Jury Duty

I arrived at the Hall of Justice in downtown Rochester about 7:30 am this morning. My instructions were to report to the Central Jury Room no later than 8:15 am and to keep in mind it could take as much as a half hour to get through the security check. After being herded through security like a bunch of cattle, we were taken to a large room and there we sat for close to half an hour. Next we were taken to the Central Jury Room, shown a video telling us what good people we were to serve as jurors. . . like we had a choice!

It appeared things would move quickly. At 9:00 am we were told we would begin going to our assigned judge and courtroom for jury selection. For three of the four groups we were divided into, that is what happened. My group of 50 people were told it would be a bit longer for us. Okay, so I hurried to the restroom while I still had time. People were making small talk conversations with each other. Not being one for small talk, I pulled out my book and began reading. After about 20 pages, I glanced up at the clock on the wall. It was nearly 10:30.

"It will be just a bit longer," we were told.

Another 45 minutes went by and the announcement came that they weren't sure what the hold up was.

By this time people were growing weary of just sitting. While I was enjoying the novel I was reading, I wanted out of there. I was being held against my will, like everyone else.

Finally word came that the case we would have been assigned to was settled by a plea bargain and we were free to go. It was still early enough, I thought, that I could go to work for the rest of the afternoon. But that was before I saw the endless line of cars waiting to get out of the parking garage as I walked to my car.

I'm not sure which would have been less desireable, sitting all day waiting, or actually being assigned to a court case and having to listen to unpleasant details of a criminal case.

But it is all behind me now and I am immune to further jury duty for another 8 years!!!


  1. That was a close call,Lol...
    So do you know what the case was about?Now that It's all over I thought they might tell you.
    I was called up once,but the company I work for sent a letter to the Sheriff's Office saying I was the only Quality Officer they had,and that I needed to be on the floor at times! It worked :0)

  2. No, we weren't told anything about the case. We have a lot of chronic criminal activity in the city. I would guess it was just one undesirable shooting another undesirable. There aren't any "high profile" crimes in the news right now.

  3. A shooting isnt "high profile" ??
    Which city?

  4. Unfortunately, in the city (most big cities in the States) the lower classes that are into drugs and "whatever" go around shooting and killing people. Disgusting. Downtown Rochester used to be a thriving place - lots of nice stores, high end restaurants. Not so anymore. I really don't like to go downtown anymore. It is safe to say, Rochester probably has a killing a week. One of the things they ask jurors to do - and I did - is bring a children's book to donate to their child care center. Parents who have to go to family court can leave their children there (unfortunately, some even forget to pick up their child). Each child is given a book to take home and keep.


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