Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My favorite time of day

It is early morning, not quite 6:00 am. This is my favorite time of day. This is my time away from the rat race of the world, the office politics, all the things that clutter my mind and my soul. I spend the first hour or more of my day in peace, drinking my coffee, taking up time with Molly, my Black Lab, and telling God what he needs to do for me today.

Sometimes I scour the internet. I check the news sites and the numerous blogs that I follow. But mostly I just sit quietly with Molly nearby. In warm weather, I often go for an early morning walk with Molly, taking in the new day as the sun begins to rise.

This morning my inbox had an e-mail titled, "Finally, some new Maxines". I love Maxine. If you've never been fortunate to get Maxine cartoons in your inbox, you have my sympathy. Maxine tells it like it really is. . . not the politically correct version.

This week my thoughts are on my upcoming vacation just a day or two away. I considered getting a wireless card to take my laptop with me to keep up with what's going on in the world while I'm away. I decided against that. I need time away from the everyday world. Obama and his dysfunctional gang are not what I need on vacation. What's going on in my workplace is not what I need on vacation.

I have an impossible amount of work in the office to get through before my vacation begins, made even more challenging by the office mindset of constantly changing priorities and options. Somehow I will accomplish it. But when my vacation starts, then it's time for ME.


  1. Good Morning, Sherry. :) The more I read of your blog, the more I see we have in common. Have a wonderful vacation. I look forward to seeing you back here.

  2. Hi Sherry!
    I didnt realise your holiday was so close,gee that time has flown!
    Pa and I are off for afew days ourselves,and I am going to miss the computer!!But like you said,we all need a change from the everyday :0)
    I think your President Obama will be 'Down Under' next week,so that will be an interesting event for us.
    Enjoy your break,drive safe and have fun :0)


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