Friday, November 6, 2009

My window

Nothing gets my work day started off better than walking to my workstation and seeing this huge window looking out over the surrounding area. I am on the third floor and right up close to the window is the top of a big tree that right now is a beautiful shade of crimson. . . I have decreed that those red leaves are going to stay there all winter to brighten my day!!! Just beyond that is the 390 expressway and past the highway, an expansive area of trees. And then there are the clouds. Oh, my goodness, some mornings I come in and the sky looks like it was painted by an artist! It is pleasing to watch the day progress. Yesterday I saw everything from bright sunshine, to dark rain clouds, to snow pellets beating against my window.

Why am I so excited about a window? In my previous job, when we moved to the new cancer center building in May of 2008, I was in a cubicle jungle and could not see the outside from my work area. I would often eat my lunch in the second floor atrium with its massive wall of windows, just to get my "window time" for the day!


  1. Sounds wonderful! Maybe you should share a photo...When it's snowing would be great :0)

  2. I thought about a picture, but because the window is tinted glass, I wasn't sure if the picture would show it like it really is! Maybe I'll try it soon and see how it turns out. If you look at the windows from the outside, all you see is black!


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