Sunday, November 1, 2009


It was an uneventful Halloween on my street last night, except that I almost ran out of candy. There were a lot of the cutest little kids dressed up for Halloween. One little toddler, 19 months old, was dressed in a Curious George costume. Another little girl was in a pumpkin costume with a hat made to look like the top of the pumpkin with the stalk. Molly, my Black Lab, loves Halloween. She has to get out the door and lick all the kids. Some of them laugh at her, others are scared. Some of them, the more she licks them in the face, the more they laugh!

Granny, do you have Halloween in Australia or is that just an American thing?

I never know how much candy to buy. Some years I have had well over 100 kids come to the door, others maybe 20 or less. I think, a lot of parents, out of security concerns, plan Halloween parties for kids rather than letting them go door to door.


  1. Hi Sherry,no,we dont really do Halloween here.Some shops have a display,and I think they are trying to get into it(mostly to make you buy "stuff")Some poeple have Halloween Partys at home...but any excuse for a party is the Aussie way,lol.One year a little girl in a fairy dress knocked on our door for trick or treat.She had her big brother with her(not dressed up) he was about 9...and clearly not amused with having to escort her.!As luck would have it I had bought a bag of Christmas lollies that day and had something to give her.They must have moved,cause we havent seen her in years.
    So much for teaching kids about"Stranger Danger".

  2. Some people go all out for Halloween here - it's a good marketing tool for stores! I am amazed that in these times there are still a few parents around that let their kids go out unescorted.


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