Friday, March 6, 2009

We made it to Friday!

Ah! We made it to the end of another week. Yesterday afternoon as I was pulling into my driveway from work, my neighbor was walking her dog. We were thrilled with the nice, mild weather. "It's been a long winter", she said. I wholeheartedly agreed. "You know", I said to her, "In this cold, gloomy weather we've had for so long, I find all I want to do when I get home is hibernate and not go back outside and that isn't 'me'!"

I came inside, fed Molly and let her out. Then we went for a walk. I wore a jacket, but it was mild enough that I could have gotten along without it.

Maybe the grass is still a dull green and there are a few patches of snow here and there, but I truly believe Spring will be here soon!

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  1. Ha! I did the same with Doogie today - went out on our first walk around the neighborhood in quiet awhile. I think it's the low 60 temps, and the nice mild breeze. Spring's definitely on it's way - bulbs are starting to pop up green growth in all the beds, and you can see some of the tree's buds swelling...


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