Friday, March 20, 2009

The Mulkerrin Brothers from Ireland

When I was in Ireland last September on a bike tour, one or our tour leaders arranged for us to see a private performance by three young Irish brothers in a small pub on the Aran Islands. We had no idea what a surprise we were in for that day. These young men, ages 9 through 14, performed traditional Irish tunes on a variety of instruments and danced. We sat spellbound for an hour. We were amazed at their talent. I just knew we would be hearing more about these brothers. Sure enough, about a month ago, we received an e-mail from our tour guide. The Mulkerrin boys had entered the All Ireland Talent Search and WON!!! This talent contest is a big deal in Ireland. If you do a search on You Tube for the Mulkerrin Brothers, there are at least two videos that you owe it to yourself to watch. Aside from their exceptional talent, I was very impressed with their mature, polite manner. We had a chance to talk with them and they are the nicest young men you could ever imagine. The way they come across on the You Tube videos is the way they are in person. When they do an American Tour, you can bet I will be there!!!

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