Sunday, March 22, 2009

March Madness, BBQ chicken and potatoe salad

I love March Madness, the excitement of the games, and the fact that anything can happen. You think you've figured out who is going to the Final Four and one or more of those teams lose out in the first round. Teams you've never heard of make it to the second and even third week of play. Weekends are my time to get things done around the house - cleaning, laundry, errands. I just don't have time to sit for hours and watch TV. Yet for March Madness, well, I have to make an exception. Dishes pile up in the sink because I don't have time to empty the dishwasher to put the dirty ones in. . . laundry gets done during commercial breaks, but hey, some of the commercials are even entertaining!!! I must find time to sit and pay bills online. Oh, and I'm taking care of friends' cats this week, damn, I have to find time to get over there, clean the litter box (gag) and feed them and brush the one that likes to be brushed. Whew! Yesterday I decided I wanted bbq chicken on the grill and potatoe salad for dinner. I can do this! Oh, I never told you about my potatoe salad! People love my potatoe salad. Trouble is, I don't have a defined recipe. I've made it so many years, I just "know" how to make it! Here are the list of ingredients:

chopped potatoes
chopped boiled eggs
chopped pickles
a splash of mustard
salt, lots of salt!
sometimes dill weed thrown in
paprika sprinkled on top if company is coming!

I cook the potatoes till they are tender but not soft - I don't like mushy potatoe salad.

Somehow I managed to get everything cooked to perfection, even remembered to turn off the grill at the gas tank without missing too many good plays. Yes, I love March Madness, and bbq chicken and potatoe salad! But even more than that, March Madness signals the end of the long harsh winter we had and the promise that summer is on its way. . . more cooking on the grill, more deviled eggs, potatoe salad. . . long bicycle rides, paddles in the local waterways. Bring it on!!!

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