Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It finally died. . .

The snowblower I own, an Ariens 8 horsepower, was bought sometime in the mid to late 80's.

I've kept it maintained with routine maintenance.  Recently, the man came to pick it up to take to the shop.  Today I got a call.  I'm told the needed repairs on it will cost more than it is worth.  UGH!

NOT what I wanted to hear.

The shop I sent it to is reputable so I don't believe they are trying to deceive me.

"I'm going to have to give this some thought," I told the owner of the shop.  I told him I'd come in to the shop soon.  He has a couple new ones that are 2015 models that I can get a price break on.

I have a long driveway so shoveling is out of the question for me.  There are contractors you can hire for the season, some with a flat rate, others with a per-use rate.  I've learned that these guys are not always reliable.  They may not show up in time for you to get out on time in the morning.  In fact, in the last year, a contractor was sent to jail in Rochester for collecting up front money from unsuspecting clients and then "forgetting" to plow their driveway.

Never a dull moment. . .

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  1. We have a long drive and my husband shovels it and the elderly neighbors. He just doesn't want to spend the money though we can easily afford it. But he's 33, in a few years time, I will insist.


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