Saturday, June 18, 2016

Where does time go?

I was not a helicopter parent.  Really, I wasn't.  Well. . . never mind.

My number one priority in my life are my boys and my grandchildren.  You mess with them, you don't even want to hear from me, believe me on that.

Last year, John and Jen allowed Kevin, my oldest grandson, to go to Germany.  WHAT?  NO WAY!  It was an exchange program through school.  Earlier, a young man from Germany visited in their home and then Kevin went, with a group and chaperones, to Germany.  But today's world is different.  There are bad people in the world that think nothing of hurting Americans.

We got past that.  Kevin had a wonderful time in Germany, even visited Austria.  He came home safe and sound.

I knew this was coming too.  He had plans to go to a special Scout camp a long way from home for two weeks.  NO!  NO! NO!  Not my Kevin!  Never mind that his grandfather went to this same Scout camp many years ago and loved it.  But it is a different world today!  Listen to me!

I was meant to be a mother and grandmother.  It is my place to worry.  Just ask my boys.  One of them, once he was grown, admitted, "We knew when we were growing up, if we screwed up and Mom and Dad found out about it, there would be hell to pay."  YEP!  You got that right.

Trust me, I really am happy for Kevin - he's even learned to drive a car with a stick shift, another one of my idiosyncracies!. . . if you can't drive a stick shift, you aren't anything. . . well, anyway. . . Can't I be happy for my grandson and be worried at the same time???

John and Jen have done a wonderful job raising Kevin, Jake and Andrew. . . and if you can meet MY standards in child rearing, that is an accomplishment!  But I still have a right to worry.


  1. I am 57 and my Dad worries about me as if I were 12. It never changes. I'm just lucky he is still here to worry.


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