Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Stuart's Spices, THE place to buy spices!

You've heard me mention Stuart's Spices in this blog and on my Facebook page.  Yes, I think they are THE place to buy spices in Rochester.

Their website is www.stuartsspices.com and they are located at 754 Clinton Ave. S, in Rochester.

Some good friends told me about them.  "What's so special about a spice shop?," I asked.  "I can get spices at the grocery store."  Once in awhile, I'm wrong, not often. . . but this time, I was way off base!

They grind their spices on the premises and in small batches.  There spices don't sit on the shelf for long periods as in a grocery store where they have been shipped in.  They have the usual spices you would buy. . . oregano, cinnamon, all of those.  But they also have their own special blends!  How about Hog Rub or Road Kill or Memphis Dry Rub?  I also like their dip mixes.

If you are a new customer, they'll give you a free bottle.  If, like me once, I was there on a Saturday at the opening time, and the owner was a few minutes late arriving, they will give you a free bottle for your inconvenience.  They know the meaning of good customer service.

I'm not sure if they do mail order.  But if you live in the Rochester area, do yourself a favor and check them out!

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