Thursday, February 11, 2016

If you don't like Rochester's weather. . .

hang around a bit, it will change!  That is an old Rochester proverb that is so true.

We have had a very mild winter this year, for which I was very grateful.  Just this weekend, I was out running around in a shirt jacket and regular shoes and was very comfortable. . . My snowblower has not been used on my driveway this winter. . . I was actually feeling sorry for Bailey because, in her first winter, she has not experienced the fun of running in deep snow. . . There have been winters, where I had to dig a path in my backyard for my dogs to go potty.

Yes, I pay attention to the weather forecasts, well most of the time.  This morning, I decided to wear a skirt and top.  THAT was a mistake!  By the time I walked from the parking lot into my building, I wasn't sure my legs were still there. . . they were frozen!

This weekend the temps are forecast to be in the single numbers.  I can almost bet there will be school closings tomorrow due to the frigid temperatures.

But this is mid-February and Spring is not far off!  I'm very much looking forward to my annual trek South to my cousins reunion (this is number 8!) and this year there is a wedding to go to in addition to the reunion!

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