Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Little Things

Sometimes it's small, seemingly insignificant, things that make the biggest impact on you.  Things that probably you wouldn't give a second thought to.

I haven't made it a secret that I'm bringing home a new puppy soon. . . very soon!

I drove 5 1/2 hours to the outskirts of Cleveland to meet with the breeders.  In my visit with them, it was clear they were the caliber of breeder that I had been told they were.  I gave them a deposit on the puppy and discussed when I would return to bring the puppy home.

While I made an effort to find someone to return with me to bring the puppy home, I ran into a roadblock at every turn.  There is no way I would leave a puppy in a car in the middle of August long enough to go to the restroom at a rest stop.  I found a way around that but I won't be specific!!!

This weekend my phone rang.  There was no name on the caller ID and I don't know anyone from Akron, Ohio, so I almost didn't answer.  But I did!  It was the breeder.  She lives out from Akron and when I realized who I was talking to, I laughed and told her I thought of not answering it!

She said, "We are concerned about you driving that far by yourself with a young puppy."  They offered to drive to Buffalo to deliver the puppy to me.  I quickly told her she had made me an offer I couldn't refuse!  We agreed on a location to meet and she will call me when they are close and I will head out down the NYS Thruway.  Meantime,  a close friend has agreed to ride to Buffalo with me.  She is a cancer survivor and didn't feel she could tolerate a trip to Ohio and back in one day, but Buffalo is well within her limits.

All this was heartwarming to me that the breeder would be that considerate of me.

But what happened next really melted my heart.

I quickly e-mailed a few close friends, telling them I didn't have to drive 10 hours (round trip) to bring the puppy home.  I was elated.

One of them e-mailed me right back stating, "I would feel comfortable if you would give me information on where you are going to meet the breeder, the breeder's name, address, etc.  I don't like you making a transaction of this level at a strange location."

Yes, I laughed at that!  I told her she sounded like me!  I'm not sure she was aware that I had already met these people and knew they were decent people.

She will get the information.  The fact is, whenever I go outside my usual route of "Work/Wegmans/Costco", I always tell someone my flight plane, in case the unthinkable happens.

I am truly blessed to have people that care about my wellbeing.  You know who you are.  THANKS!


  1. If things had timed out differently - like if the puppy was ready to go to you a few weeks ago - I would've been happy to drive it up to you since I was just up in the Rochester area for Chicken Processing! And you know I live close enough to Akron.

    Granted, I MIGHT not have been so happy after a five hour drive with a puppy in the car. ;-) I'm sure it would've been cute at first, but I bet the puppy would be stir crazy by the end of the drive...but I would've tolerated that.

    I remember picking up Doogie from a shelter an hour away - talk about a drive home! Especially since I had zero experience with a dog, annnnd he was in a medium cat carrier. And talkative. Soooo talkative!

    Congrats on your soon-to-be puppy!

    1. Thanks for the offer but she wasn't old enough at that time to leave her mom. Are you still doing that chicken processing??? I remember the pictures from your blog on that! I couldn't watch!!!

    2. I skipped a few years, but was asked to come back and help this year... As they say, it's like riding a bike...it all comes back! ;-)

  2. Beautiful! I can't wait to start seeing pics of Bailey here!


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