Sunday, August 16, 2015

Costco or BJs? . . . there is no comparison

Costco finally opened in June here in Rochester.  I have been a member of BJs for ten years or more.  That membership ends this month.  When I joined Costco, the plan was to decide which one I liked the best, then drop the other membership.

Costco won!

Why?  Everything I had heard about Costco over the years was true.  They really are at the top of the warehouse store mountain.  They carry a more varied and better quality of merchandise and grocery products.  Their sales people are friendly and helpful, as opposed to the scowl I often see on the faces of BJs employees.  They don't carry any GMO grocery products.  Their fresh produce is top quality.  I found that by buying a large package of fresh spinach at Costco, rather than the smaller package at Wegmans, I not only save money, but I find more ways to consume the spinach before it goes bad. . . a healthy alternative.  There are smoothies, omelettes, salads, sautéing it with olive oil. . .

When I go to the check out, they put my purchases on the conveyor belt for me.

Years ago, I did all my grocery shopping at Wegmans.  I still shop there for certain items.  Now I buy my meat and eggs from a grass fed farmer.  And I buy a lot of items at Costco.  So far, BJs and Costco have stayed the same for gas prices.  There seems to be a gas war between the two.  Both are significantly cheaper than other gas stations in my area.

And finally, Costco is closer to my home and easier to get to!

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