Friday, April 17, 2015

Cousins' Reunion 2015

Unbelievable!  Emily threw her line in the water and in seconds, pulled this one in!

Little Brileigh is not afraid of anything!  Fish, big dogs. . .

The last of the burgers on the grill.

At 93, Aunt Ilene is still pulling weeds!  "You've got to stay active" is her advice.

Kenny adjusting the scope on my rifle.

After the reunion, some of us spent a couple of days "at the river."  Kip's parents let us stay at their vacation home and we really enjoyed the tranquility of sitting by the water and watching the world go by!

These pictures don't begin to capture the fun we had.  This was our 7th reunion and we'll be back next year for more.

My grandfather farmed this land and my dad and his siblings grew up here.  It is a refuge to gather and just be ourselves with no political correctness required and a brief escape from the stress of the everyday world.

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