Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Not a good week

Over the weekend, I came down with the virus that is going around at work.  I am a person who never gets sick.  I often look down on chronic sick days some people are known for.  But I didn't let how I felt keep me home.  I went in to work and did my job.

Last night, on our way out the door to go to Agility Class, Morgan took off running toward the car.  I refused to let go of her leash and promptly fell down, injuring my knee.  When I arrived at class, it was obvious I was not going to be able to participate in the class due to severe knee pain.  So the instructor said I could catch up next week.

Ironically, driving, even though I have a standard transmission car, does not hurt.  It is standing up and putting weight on that leg that really hurts.

First thing this morning, I went to the Orthopedics Department Urgent Care Center   .  I walked out with an immobilizing brace and told to wear crutches, which I already had from an injury years ago.

Why do bad things happen to good people???


  1. If it makes you feel better you cook poke a bad person accidentally with your crutch :-) (I once took out a Billy Bass out of a redneck's shopping cart with mine while riding by on a scooter in WalMart )

    I do hope you feel better soon. Curl up with a good back take some pain reliever and try and get some rest. You deserve a little more comfort.

  2. I hope you're getting better. It doesn't sound like much fun at all. :(( I'm sure Morgan didn't mean to hurt you.... Did she climb all over you while you were down? I slipped twice last week on Erik's drool in the kitchen while I was cooking. When I went down he was all over me licking my face as I was mumbling things no sweet dog should hear.


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