Monday, September 1, 2014

A quiet but joyful holiday weekend

As I sat with my glass of wine and a bowl full of fresh cherries tonight, I let my mind wander.  Morgan and I had just played a rough game of tug of war - she loves that! - and she had settled onto the couch next to me with her head in my lap.

Hey, I had a great 31/2 day weekend (I took the afternoon off from work on Friday) and yet it was a mundane, no frills weekend!  On Friday afternoon, Morgan had to go to the vet to update her annual shots.  Next it was a quick trip to pick up my meat order from the farmer I buy all my meat and eggs from - last Friday of the month.  On Saturday and Sunday, I never put on makeup since I didn't plan to leave the house.  Instead, I did several chores around the house.  I put some things from the garage into the shed out back.  I did the usual cleaning and laundry.  But mostly it was "me" time.  I made a large dent in the book I'm reading now, a historical saga by Eugenia Price. . . I love to get lost in a good, long book.

Even though I have a good job that I like, still, the day to day politics and high stress environment can take a toll on your body and your mind.  So a few days of sleeping late and just doing whatever I want to, when I want to, is good for the soul.  And Morgan has enjoyed having me home all day!  She follows me around the house and when she thinks she isn't getting enough attention, a slap on my arm brings me back to what really matters in life!

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