Saturday, May 3, 2014

A pleasant day trip today

I have been all over New York State, from the big cities to the small villages, from one end of the state to the other and everything in between.  Today my travels took me to Canojoharie, Sharon Springs, and Cobbleskill - all small villages where I have never been.  I went to Cobbleskill to check out a breeder for Labs.  Since Molly died, I miss the craziness of having two dogs in the house.  I would like to get a new yellow Lab puppy sometime in the summer or fall of 2015.

Once you leave the New York State Thruway and get onto the back roads, you find quaint little villages, streets lined with American flags, interesting architecture, distant views, even a road sign warning motorists of cows in the street!

These pictures were all taken with my iPad so I didn't have a zoom lens.

I was very pleased with the breeder after talking with her and seeing her kennel.  I think my search for a breeder is over!  She is more interested in finding the right puppy for you rather than making a quick sale.

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  1. Beautiful countryside. I am so sorry to hear about Molly, in all the madness here, I wasn't online much and missed the news. I know how hard that is, and glad you have Morgan to help with the loss.


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