Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cosmo Allegretti has died

Now, you are wondering, who is Cosmo Allegretti?  If you are from my generation, you know him, but not by his name!  Cosmo was a set painter on a new children's program when the producer decided he didn't like the puppets for the show.  That's when Cosmo stepped in and became Bunny Rabbit, Mister Moose, and Grandfather Clock on the old Captain Kangaroo show.  I used to watch that program every day!  That was back in the good old days of television!  It didn't matter that there was no color TV. We had three channels and were quite satisfied.  I grew up watching Captain Kangaroo, Sky King, Fury, My Little Margie, The Little Rascals, Amos and Andy, Howdy Doody, and Mr. Wizard.  How many of those do you remember?

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