Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A neat trick I learned today

You know how tips are - some are worthwhile, others are a waste.  Today I read that placing a cup of water in the microwave on High for several minutes will make cleaning the microwave a breeze.  The steam from the water loosens the stuck on stains.  Yes, it's easy to say, "Wipe the microwave with a damp cloth after every use."  But I'm not that conscientious.  So I put a pyrex cup with water in the microwave and turned it on for 5 minutes.  I then took a wet cloth and the spatters wiped up easily.  It took more time to heat the water and create steam than it did to wipe the microwave clean as new!  Now if I could just get the ink stains off my bedroom carpet from where Morgan chewed up two pens when I wasn't watching.  The Oxyclean method didn't work.

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  1. Great tip for the microwave! I've got one to clean up here after the exploding soup at lunch. ;) Oh my, Morgan is at it again, eh?

    We got ink out of the carpet with WD-40. I posted about it here after Erik did the ink on the carpet thing:


    BTW, I'm working in the future as always. Your vest is the first item in this month's Needlework Update that will appear at the end of September. I've had quite a few people wander through here and admire it sitting up on the shelf. Three weeks from now Catherine will be here and will take it home at the end of the week to send it off to you.

    All the best for a great Labor Day holiday.

    Hugs from Port Canaveral,
    Lois <-- sailing out of as I type....


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