Sunday, July 14, 2013

A productive weekend

I got a lot of things done this weekend that have been gathering dust on my To Do list.  Friday night I collected all my digital camera memory cards and started putting a lot of pictures on one flash drive and organizing them into folders.  That brought a few laughs.  One picture, from some years back, showed one of my grandchildren sitting on my couch.  "Now is that Jake or Andrew?" I asked myself, until I looked closer and there was a baby crawling out, or attempting to, my front door. . . so that was Jake on the couch and Andrew trying to escape.

On Saturday, Morgan and I went to her fourth obedience class. . . she is now half way through the class.  At the end of the class, they let the dogs run loose and have a few minutes of play time.  I have tried, in vain, to get pictures of that.  I'm not quick enough with a camera to catch 6 dogs running around a room in one big mob!  It's impossible to get a picture of the instruction part of the class.  I really need 4 arms and hands just to keep up with the class.  When the dog does something correctly, you immediately click the clicker strapped to one wrist and reward them with a small treat.  Sometimes you need another set of arms and hands to correct the dog!  Yes, both Morgan and I are tired after that class!

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  1. I bet that class with Morgan is fun to watch. :) It's amazing how much the dogs enjoy going and seeing all of their friends, isn't it.


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