Friday, April 12, 2013

Hearts & Flour (a cookbook)

Hearts and Flour is a publication of the Women's Club of Pittsford (suburb of Rochester, NY), copyright 1988, another oldie in my vast cookbook collection.

A quote from the forward of the book, Flatboats to Breadboards, gives a look back at Rochester history:

"In the early days, Western New York was known for hearty pioneers who tilled the earth and led the nation in the production of wheat.  Our forefathers harnessed the water of the Genesee River for power to mill the wheat and shipped the fruits of their labors via flatboats on the Erie Canal to an expanding country.  Calling itself the breadbasket of the nation, the area outproduced all other milling centers in America."

As always, it is difficult for me to choose just one or two recipes from any cookbook I own to showcase here.  If I thought enough of the cookbook to own it, then there had to be dozens of recipes that caught my eye!  But here is one I am sure will become a favorite in your home.

You can click on the photo to enlarge it.


  1. This one looks like a good one! I'm going to snag this recipe it sounds wonderful!

  2. That does look wonderful.

    But, does it seems strange to anyone else that something from 1988 is considered an "oldie?" I hate to think what that makes me! ;)

    Hugs from Port Canaveral,


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