Friday, March 8, 2013

Cousin's Reunion, 5th edition, Ugh!

What a day!  Had an "adventure" this morning. . . going back in time to the 1950's!  I had gone to the local Walmart yesterday to try to buy ammo - those of you who are gun enthusiasts know that ammo is hard to come by now.  Walmart didn't have what I wanted so they gave me the name of a gun shop "way out yonder!"  So I called the owner and he did, indeed, have the calibers I wanted.  Writing down the directions he gave me told me I was going way out in a backwoods area.  Hhmm. . . need to get someone to go with me.  Aunt Ileen volunteered.  Not sure how much protection a 91 year old lady could offer, but anyway.  So off we went, carefully following the directions the man gave me.  When we arrived, well, I'm not sure what I expected. . . but this quaint little place was quite a sight.  It reminded me of my Aunt Dot and Uncle Millard's store from back in the 40's, 50's, and 60s.  A tiny, humble grocery store.  Three men were sitting around a small round table with a laptop.  Somehow, the laptop seemed out of place in this picture!

"Hi!  I just talked with you on the phone," I said.

"Come on in!" this Southern gentleman said.  "Let's go to the gun shop."  It was a small area off the grocery store.

"This is my Aunt Ileen," I began.  "She will be 91 this year!"  That was all the introduction Ileen needed.  She quickly found a captive audience for conversation!

So I made my purchase and we were on our way.  I would have loved to take a picture of the inside and outside of this little shop, but was afraid I may offend these nice gentleman.  It was truly like stepping back in time, out in the middle of no where!!!  The outside front of the building had a large cartoon cowboy with two guns in his hands with the caption, "We shoot."

We drove the 10 miles back into town and packed up to go over to the property where we hold our reunion every year.  "Oh, no!"  This can't really be happening.  About halfway back into the little trail that leads to where we set up, the road was washed out totally.  Just last year, we paid a man to replace the culvert under the road.

There was no other alternative than to carry the absolute necessities (guns, ammo, food) the rest of the way.  Man, am I beat right now.  Tomorrow is the big reunion.  We are expecting another 3 people than what we had today.  I left one of them a voice mail asking if they could bring a wheel barrow.

You just never know what will happen when you get the Morgan clan together!


  1. Enjoy it all! There are only 4 living members of my family left, just enough for a card game.

    1. Thanks, Brigid. . . you just put a lot of things in proper perspective.


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