Monday, January 7, 2013

Another winning crock pot meal!

Awhile back, I found a really great crock pot beef stew recipe.  This weekend I decided I wanted to make it again.  Can you believe, I could not find the recipe???  I looked in all the places I would have filed it.

Let's hear it for dumb luck!  When I couldn't find it, I improvised.  I remembered some of the ingredients.  Here is my "improvised" recipe and I like it even better.  With two dogs in the house - an old one and a hyperactive puppy - my first half hour at home every night after work is stressful.  I have two dogs acting like they haven't eaten in a week, one jumping all over me.  So to come home to the wonderful, inviting aroma of something cooking in the crock pot is just great.

As usual, most of the things I make don't have a definite recipe, but this is close:

one or more pounds of stew meat
large can of tomatoes
one or two cloves of garlic, chopped
a handful of fresh pearl onions
large can of tomato sauce
a half box of Swanson's beef broth
small red potatoes, quartered
a big handful of carrots
splash of red wine
couple of dashes of oregano, basil, and cinnamon
kosher salt and fresh ground pepper

Stir it all up, turn on the crock pot for 10 hours on low and forget about it!  The crock pot I used today automatically goes to warm setting for two hours after the 10 hours cooking time.

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  1. It sounds great and I wish I had some. I love soups and stews.


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