Wednesday, January 9, 2013

An idea to beat the winter blahs

I admit it.  Come the middle of January, into February, I probably don't smile much.  The winter doldrums set in and I can't wait for warm weather.  This time of year, it is dark when I go to work and it is dark when I come home.

I thought it would be a good idea at work to have something planned that people could get excited about.

I gave the assignment to one of the employees that report to me.  On February 9, I want you to plan a crock pot lunch for our Division.  Send out an eye-catching invitation.  I assumed people would go for it.  But the response, so far, has exceeded my expectations.

The invitation was emailed yesterday.  Bring in a crock pot dish, or you can contribute muffins or another appropriate dish to pass.

People have rallied around this one!  "We should do something like this once a month," was one comment I got.  An older faculty member proudly boasted, "I will bring an old family recipe for chili in my old, old crock pot!"

We are a friendly bunch of employees but the intense nature of our job doesn't allow for a lot of socializing during work hours.  This will be a welcome break from the fast paced, nose to the grindstone culture we work in.

Looks like I'm not the only one excited about it!


  1. Good job Sherry, we used to do things like this at my job back in Illinois and it sure did help moral a lot.

  2. What great way to blow away the winter 'blahs' - I'm sure everyone will enjoy it and it won't be a 'one of'. Crock pot food is great as you can make a day ahead and it usually tastes better then anyway.

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. What a great idea! We try and do something like that, not the whole place as it's pretty big, just my unit and the admin and science support and do a crock pot, or a soup or such lunch. We always have so much good food, and it gives us a chance to sit and chat, as much of us tend to get out for lunch, just to get a break.

    Have a great time and I'm sure whatever you make will be excellent!

  4. Read your crockpot recipe below, and reading this...makes me realize I need to get out my crock pot and use it more.


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