Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Twitter de dee

A year or so back, I signed on with a Twitter account.  I couldn't get excited about it so I let it fall by the wayside.

Enter my cousin, Rita, a Twitter addict.  She insisted I revive my account.  I didn't even remember my login name or password, but I managed to figure it out.

"Okay, are you happy?"  I e-mailed her.  "I'm back on Twitter."

I tried to revive the account and get more people/places/things to follow.  I had minimal luck.  I got frustrated.  So I sent her my login information and told her to get me connected with the ones she knew I'd be interested in, mainly Southeastern Conference college football.  She did.

That was this past weekend.  I went on a few times and noticed I wasn't getting many incoming tweets given the amount of those I was following.  Another thing that really irritated me.  I got a new follower that was a, well, let's just say it was an obscene thing and let it go at that.  I was ready to scrap this whole Twitter thing.

Tonight I e-mailed Rita and said, "I am not getting any incoming tweets.  What am I doing wrong?"

She couldn't answer that.  So I poked around some more on the site and thought, "What will happen if I click on "home"?  Whoa!  There are all the tweets!!!

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