Monday, September 24, 2012

J-Mac does it again

So if I say, "J-Mac qualifies for the Boston Marathon," some of you may say, "that's nice."

Well, J-Mac isn't just any runner.  Six years ago, Jason McElwain, was a high school student here in the Rochester area.  He is autistic, so the idea of him playing basketball for a top ranked high school seemed highly unlikely.  He settled for being the team manager.

Then one night, with his team up by a wide margin near the end of the game, his coach asked the other team's coach if he minded if he put J-Mac in the game.  What happened next is beyond any realm of possibility.  In less than 5 minutes, Jason scored 20 points, most of those three-pointers.

The home video of this event went viral.  I remember first hearing about it, thinking, "yeah, right!"  What happened when the buzzer went off would bring tears to even the most hardened soul.  Students stormed the court and Jason was lifted above the crowd.  Former President George Bush came to town right after that and J-Mac was introduced to him as he walked off Air Force One.  "You can call me George W," President Bush told him.

Jason now works as a baker in a local grocery store chain.  Last week I heard he was running in the Rochester Marathon this weekend and he had been training diligently for it.  Well, folks, Jason not only competed in the Rochester Marathon, he came in 15th place in his category and has qualified to run in the Boston Marathon.

Don't be surprised if you hear more about this remarkable young man in the future.  God bless you, J-Mac!


  1. Fantastic story. Good for J-Mac! All the very best for a great run. :)

    PS - How's Morgan? More pictures coming? ;)

  2. What a wonderful post to read!!!

  3. Wow- Amazing. We lived in Saranac Lake when all this happened and we heard it on national news (having no idea it took place in Rochester). We found out last year somehow and couldn't believe it happened right here.


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