Sunday, July 8, 2012

Robert's Birthday, continued

You should read the previous post first and this one will have more meaning.

This is Robert and Nancy's home in the City.  If you look closely, you can see the barn in the back, at the end of the driveway.  I never cease to be amazed at how they transformed this home and barn from a dilapidated, aging place into what it looks like today, inside and out.

The barn has two levels on the left side.  The opening on the right is what used to be the horse stable.  When this home was built in 1902, horse and buggies were the mode of transportation!

And this is what Sara, Robert and Nancy's daughter, did to the stable!  Can you believe it???

And hanging on the wall, among other family photos, is a picture of Bill, who lived in the house from the time he was 2 years old until he moved into an assisted living home in his late 90's.  His parents built the home.

These are the chefs who were up at 2:00 am smoking the pig for the Pig Roast!

The Birthday Boy with his pig!  I have never tasted pulled pork so good.  I rarely eat coleslaw unless I make it myself.  But these guys had the best tasting coleslaw.

Ronan and Liam, two of Renata's three sons and Robert and Nancy's grandsons. Liam is quite a talker and can carry on remarkable conversations with you!

Liam with Sara's dog, Zoey.

Yes, it was a great party.  I just couldn't resist sharing these pictures with you.  


  1. I tried to post a comment, then lost connection so if this is a duplicate, I'm sorry.

    What a really cool home and carriage house. It's amazing what can be done with money and love to revive old homes and carriage houses. Wow.

    Sunday hugs,

  2. Enjoyed the previous post and this one. Glad Robert had a wonderful birthday and good friends to help celebrate. There is nothing like friendships that go way back. Lovely home and glad to see it's been "saved."


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