Saturday, July 7, 2012

Robert's 65th birthday

You'll have to wait till my next post for pictures. . . I spent the afternoon and early evening at Robert's 65th birthday.  Now, Robert and Nancy and I go back a long, long way.  I came home and realized I left my camera over there.  Quick, I dial Robert's cell. . . "Did you make it home okay?" he answered.  "Yeah, I did.  But I left my camera on the back porch. . . will you take it inside for me?"

"No problem," he answered.

"See you tomorrow," I said.

Nancy and the kids had a pig roast for his birthday.  That pig had been cooking since 2:00 am this morning - yes, it was catered!  The catering company backed into the driveway, set up shop and I was awed by that HUGE pig in the grill.  I've never tasted pulled pork that good!

Geez, I could write a book on the history of my friendship with Robert and Nancy. We watched each other's kids grow up.

They live in a house in the City. . . they raised their kids in the suburbs.  Back when I was in real estate, Robert called me one day and told me he wanted me to list his Uncle's house.  Now, Bill was a character.  He had lived in that house since the day it was built back in 1902.  Bill was in his late 90's, never married, and had to go live in an assisted living home. He and his brothers had owned and run Lauterbach's Hardware just up the street from the house for decades and decades.  When the four brothers were well into their 90's, they finally closed shop.  A piece of Rochester's fabric was gone.

"Sure, Robert," I said that day.  "Just give me access to the home to take a look at it, we'll discuss a purchase price, and I'll draw up the listing contract."

About the third day the home was on the market, another realtor brought a young man through the home.  He loved the home and was willing to put the exhaustive work into it to bring it back to it's original glory.  "I'm going to make this house my home," the young man boasted to me.

That night Robert called me.  "Sherry, I want to buy my uncle's house."

Dumbfounded, and realizing Robert had a few beers under his belt, I stammered and said, "Well, uh, Robert. . . [long pause] why don't you call me in the morning and if you are still intent on going through with this, we'll talk."

Early the next morning, fortunately after my second cup of coffee, Nancy called me.  "Sherry, he is dead serious.  He isn't going to back down."

Knowing another offer was almost surely coming in, I told her, "Well, we need to get going here.  Meet me for lunch today and I'll have the contract ready to go."

Fast forward several months.  Robert and Nancy's current home sold and they needed to move out.  Only problem, their uncle's house needed major renovation.    I was amazed that they moved in with the kitchen torn up due to renovation!

They transformed that home into a real showcase.  There is nothing like those old City homes with their charm and history.  This home has been in their family over a 100 years now!

Fast forward to today.  I couldn't help thinking, as I enjoyed the party with Robert and Nancy's family and friends gathered, just how much a part of my life they have been.  My gosh, when I first met them, they only had Renata. . . Andrew and Sara weren't even born yet.  My own twin sons were still in diapers!  Now I have three grandchildren and they have six!  Where does time go?

There will be more on this in later posts.  Bottom line, I feel truly blessed to have long time friends like these two people who have stood by me through good times and bad.

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